Orbit - Cardistry-Con V1 Edition


When the V1 Orbits first came out in 2015, I wanted thick borders but I was always curious to see how thin bordered V1s would look. Balance has been restored with the CC V1s. On this deck you'll notice a few things have been changed from the original. The ring of pyramids have been replaced with 3 signified the 3 other members of the Orbit crew. Daniel Schneider, Sean Oulashin, and Nick Stumphauzer. We brought back the original Bicycle pip package from the original V1s. Brought over all the new custom faces and made a few adjustments to the tuck. These are what the V1s would have looked like if I made them in 2019 rather than 2015. A thousand of them were made with seals and there was a slight overage of decks without the seal. The sealed ones are sold out and some were damaged. Leaving us back with around 1000 CC V1 Orbits. These ones that you're buying today are without the seal. Our stock is extremely limited and people are already selling these on Ebay for $100 unopened since it is our rarest Orbit deck to date. We have set a buy limit on these to 6 decks per person to ensure more people have a chance to pick these up.


Orbit CC V1 Stats and Facts:

  • 1,000 printed
  • Crushed Premium Stock / Air-Cushion Finish
  • Made on the Sheet fed Press
  • Traditionally cut
  • Duplicate 8 of spades
  • Duplicate original jokers
  • Double backer

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